10 Best Tricks That Can Help You Quit Smoking for Good

The problem is you can’t see what it does to your body and as such; it doesn’t really bother you until the symptoms of disease like lung cancer start.Giving up smoking makes you feel lighter, makes you feel energetic and much better mentally and physically.What many don’t know is that nicotine addiction is not a habit, it is a disease and needs to be treated.

If you are trying to give up smoking, these valuable tips are definitely going to help you.

1. Start small

Taking it one step at a time isn’t a bad idea regardless of what many will tell you.Start being aware of the time when you are going to smoke your next cigarette and make it when you aren’t stressed out or experiencing a stressful situation.This is because when you reach for that cigarette in a stressful situation, the association makes the urge for nicotine get stronger.

Start small

2. Throw away your ashtrays

Yes, create a situation that makes it difficult for you to smoke, you might smoke nevertheless but your subconscious is slowly going to associate these problems when smoking and these are the small triggers that are going to help you quit by smoking less. Throw away all ashtrays, lighters and ultimately cigarettes too. If you live with people who smoke, make them respect your decision and cooperate by not smoking next to you.

Throw away your ashtrays

3. Drink water

As soon as you feel an urge to smoke, drink a glass of water.Drinking water satiates hunger cravings and makes you alert again strengthening your will against the urge to light up a cigarette.

Girl drinking water

4. Avoid coffee

Caffeine and cigarettes usually go together, so when you are having a coffee, the urge to smoke is greater. In the beginning, try to avoid coffee at least for the sake of kicking the smokes. Later when you are past that stage you can resume your coffee again.

Avoid coffee

5. Start eating nuts and dried fruit

This is an excellent practice when you are trying to give up smoking. In the first stages of your fight against lighting up, you may need to eat instead. Thus, dry fruits and nuts are excellent so that you don’t gain weight. Moreover, they are healthy for your body.

Start eating nuts and dried fruit

6. Blast it out on social media

Yes, you heard that right. Post it in bold on social media because it is going to be very effective and motivating to give up the habit. Once you post it on social media, it becomes hard for you to go back on your decision which if you do may make you ashamed and that is what will drive you to succeed. You will also receive a world of support from people who have been in the same position as you.

Creating a post on social media

7. Read up on books

Allen Carr’s book “The easy way to stop smoking” is a very helpful guide and a large number of people have benefited from it including celebrities.If you don’t want to read or have no time to, then watch the movie.

Read up on books

8. Analyze your self

Make a note of the times that you smoke and analyze these situations. Then exclude them in the future or try not to create similar conditions that are provocative triggers to start smoking. You can alter or modify your work schedule for example so that you don’t have to be among colleagues who smoke.

Writing notes on diary

9. Distract yourself

It is easy to falter along the way but don’t lose heart. If you suddenly feel the urge to smoke just when you are giving up, then distract yourself for at least 5 minutes and wait for a little. Research says that 5 minutes is enough time to ask yourself the reason for doing something. Your consciousness questions your actions and you may back down.

Say no to smoking

10. Set a goal for yourself

Set a goal for yourself to quit smoking before an event like on your days off, or on vacation. You’ll find this much easier than you thought. Take a trip out of the city without your cigarettes and keep your goals in mind when you return.

Set a goal for yourself



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