10 Early Signs And Symptoms Your Body Is Lacking In Vitamin C

It is very essential for your body to have vitamin C so that it can function properly and remain healthy. A fixed amount of vitamin C has to be taken on a daily basis as this vitamin doesn’t remain in our system for a long time. You would experience various symptoms like low energy and various other troublesome symptoms if you become deficit of vitamin C.

This can all be avoided just by adding sufficient amount of vitamin C to their daily diet.This article will help you recognize the early symptoms of vitamin C deficiency so that you can start taking care of your health immediately.

1. Your gums are often swollen and bleeding

For maintaining your gum health, vitamin C is very essential.You are prone to developing gingivitis if you aren’t getting sufficient amount of vitamin C.if you properly maintain your dental health and still experience bleeding and swollen gums, you should increase your intake of vitamin C.Scientists recommend adult women to have 75mg and adult men should have 90 mg a day.

2. You bruise very easily and your wounds take forever to heal

If your skin becomes so tender that it can get bruised easily, this is a sign indicating that your system lacks vitamin C.By eating vegetables and citrus fruits on a daily basis, you can reverse these symptoms and make your skin stronger.Another sign would be when your cuts or bruises take a long time to heal.You should eat oranges as your body requires vitamin c for producing collagen.

3. Your hair is brittle and falls out easily

Hair breaks and hair loss are also symptoms of vitamin C deficiency.You should first start consuming fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C like kiwi, broccoli, etc.Most of the eaten foods contain sufficient amount of vitamin C, so taking supplements isn’t essential.

4. You have frequent joint pain

One very early sign of vitamin C deficiency is joint pain.Vitamin C is a very powerful anti-oxidant, so being deficit of it can cause inflammation and you can suffer from joint pain.It can be very troublesome to manage joint pain so taking vitamin C in your daily diet would be good for you.

5. You are getting sick constantly and your immunity could use a boost

Experiencing frequent colds, flu and other various infections can be reason that the immunity of your body has become weak.The white blood cells produced in our body are used for fighting various invaders and unfamiliar germs, their production can be stimulated by vitamin C.

if you’re ill most of the time, this means that you have a weak immune response and you can solve this problem by increasing your intake of vitamin C.

6. You’ve gained weight for no apparent reason

If you have gained weight without any effort and also without changing your daily lifestyle, this can be a sign that you’re deficit of vitamin C.Previous researches have proven the relation between high body fat, mostly stomach fat and low levels of vitamin C in the body.Fat can be burnt more efficiently with the help of vitamin C.

7. You feel sleepy and tired during the day

If you frequently feel tired and sluggish during the day despite of having a good night’s sleep, it can be a sign of vitamin C deficiency.One of the symptoms that are caused by being deficit of vitamin C is Fatigue.You would start feeling less tired if you increase your daily intake of vitamin C.

8. Your skin looks dry and dull

It has been stated earlier that vitamin C is essential for the production of collagen.If you’re deficit of vitamin C, your skin would start to look wrinkly and dull as the glow in your skin is caused by collagen.This is the reason that vitamin C serums are so expensive in the market.

However, instead of relying on serums and supplements, getting adequate doses of vitamin c from natural sources if much better for the body.

9. You have frequent nosebleeds

Your overall health isn’t in danger if you’re having nosebleeds but experiencing them frequently can be a sign that your body is deficit of vitamin C.Your nose contains many tiny blood vessels which remains strong with the help of vitamin C.You can experience nosebleeds if these vessels aren’t strong enough.

10. Your nails are thin and weak

Your body requires Vitamin C so as to absorb more iron.You can suffer from iron deficiency anemia causing your nails to become brittle, if your body lacks vitamin C.if a nail strengthener isn’t helping, you should try changing your diet and have fruits and various vegetables so as to make you healthy.

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