10 Important Things Everyone Needs To Learn By The Age Of 30

It’s true that we actually find ourselves when we reach our 30s, we have all by this time finished our basic educational pursuits and are already have embarked upon our life goals be it marriage or career. Most of us have a more or less a clear idea about what we plan to with our lives ahead. Here are a few things which would help you guide you through life’s uncertainties after we cross our 30th birthday and strive to achieve our dreams independently.

1. Find a job that you enjoy

Trust me by this time we have all the necessary degrees that we need in the big bad world of job hunting which are necessary for employment and many of us have already experimented in a few jobs to check where they actually fit in.

2. Learn to cook your signature dish

Yes, you might be married or happily single right now but in either case learn to cook as it’s the biggest sign that you have matured and are not dependent, Having said that, we do learn a lot of stuffs from our moms and grannies but when living alone out there, try at least to master one dish which would be your “signature” dish with your special twists in it making it uniquely you.

This will give you sense of achievement and pride.

3. Understand who your true friends are

Yes, we have all now moved out of our “definition” of friends we had in school or in college which was basically a herd! Yes, in our younger days we prized our popularity and having more friends was the best strategy but now that we have hit our 30s the opposite theory of” friend- making”.

We want a few friends who will stick and understand our daily grind and struggles and keep us happy and motivated as they are also in the same boat,so no crowd of friends just a few to spend quality time with that’s all we must look for.

4. Stop telling everyone the details of your personal life

Another reminder that you are not in college anymore where you could whine about your problems with your gal pals over a bottle of beer. No, this not done now that you have a serious partner in your life or legitimate work problems. Instead of involving your family or colleagues in it which might make the matter worse, take professional help like psychotherapists or councillors who will listen to your problems in an unbiased manner and will advise and suggest productive changes in your lifestyle and approach towards your problems.

That’s the grown-up way to deal with our worries instead of becoming a slobbering victim.

5. Prioritize correctly

At this juncture we have to multitask a lot of things whether we prefer it or not, be it our job, career refinement, some push for additional educational degrees or plan for a family, some even have a family by now. In the midst of so much responsibility juggling, we miss out on the essentials like time out with family, kids, spouse, partners or parents.

Worst still we forget about our own well being as well. So, we must be mindful of that and keep a separate day or hours in the days for self-pampering and love for our family members too.

6. Find money and time for vacation

We must never forget that we are earning money to have a better standard of living and not to lose our lives completely in our jobs itself as it would defeat the whole object.

We must never economies on our health and well being and of our family and one must always save for taking regular vacations and holidays which would cool off our heads and help us join the workforce with a better vigor.

7. Get a driver’s license

Getting a license makes you feel a true grown-up who is ready to make a difference in the lives of everyone.This motivates you to buy a car which also makes you strive for a better career to maintain the lifestyle your parents gave you.In this way, you will have a sense of accomplishment that you will be able to return the favour to them and give the same to your kids as well.

8. Provide yourself with extra income

It’s smarter and safer in these uncertain economic times to have more than one source of income. Long gone are the days when one job uses to give all the perks and benefits along with job security for life. Now job-hopping for better opportunities are common because of a great hike in the competitions and opportunities.

So, it could be a part-time job, freelancing or a weekend job which would not only supplement your income but give you a choice for later if you think of making a shift from your day job to do something different.

9. Move out of your parents’ house

Moving out of your parents is probably the biggest and bravest decision to make by the time you are 30. This will establish you as an independent capable person to create a home of your own and your future family. This also reflects your capability to support yourself and the household with your income which is the penultimate sign of your arrival in the big bad world.

10. Learn to give speeches in public

If your job entails public speeches and presentations, then you need to learn it by default but even if your job does not entail addressing a large audience, try to join a public debating group to speak in front of at least 20 people.

This will give you a major self-confidence boost and prepare you to deal with rejection, or objections from others. This makes you stronger to argue and put your point of view with assertion which is needed to survive in the real world of job competition and politics.

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