10 Ingenious Dad Designs Creative T-Shirt That Tricks His Son Into Giving Him A Back Massage

How does a father who has back pain get his son to give him a back massage while playing with him? The easiest answer will be to tell the son to walk on his back but what if the child is too small and only wants to play? What do you then?
If you’re in this situation then we have a story for you. Today, we have a father who works as a software engineer and thus suffers from back pain. When he comes home he wants to play with his son but unfortunately, he would do better if he got a back massage. So, the father came up with an ingenious way to get around this with a creative t-shirt design.

1. Kids helping their parents

It is a known fact that kids do not know how to ease their parents’ pain and most of them don’t like doing it.How do you get a child to give you a back rub without being refused or the child getting tired and irritated? The answer is simple; make it a game for him or her.

2. How to make it a game?

So, now you’re guessing how can someone make a back rub into a game?

His ingenious t-shirt design has now allowed him to play with his son while his son gives him a long and fun back massage.

3. What did Ken do?

Ken belongs to the type of people who need a back massage as he works as a software engineer for Google.People who sit at their computers for hours together are the usual victims of back pain and stress.So, how did Ken find a solution to getting a back massage while spending time with his child?

What did Ken do

4. Ken’s son loves trains?

Ken has a boy who loves playing with model trains. Ken buys him different types of train engines and sets to play with. In order to play with his son and get a back massage, Ken came up with a very creative t-shirt design. Ken himself called the design “The T-shirt that gets you a massage from your kids just by plopping down on the floor.”

5. What is the design?

The back of the t-shirt has train tracks on it upon which the son can run his trains. There are also a handful of station signs. Each track has a meaning and is placed with a specific function. The tracks are marked as “right shoulder,” “left shoulder,” “spine,” and “lower back”. The reason for this is when Ken wants he can tell his son to massage the right area.

6. The result

Thanks to this idea Ken can tell his son to drive his train from the right shoulder to the lower back or vice versa.This way Ken and his son can have fun playing while Ken gets a good back massage.

7. Other parents

Many parents have tricked their children using creative methods to make them do things they don’t normally do.This parent found a great way to make their child do some vacuuming by saying they don’t like the sound of it.This is a great hack and parents reading this should try it.

8. Teaching tables easily

This parent came up with a wonderful way to teach his kids multiplication tables.He had them painted on the stairs the kids use to reach their rooms.Going up and down daily on them will make them read and subconsciously remember the tables.This man deserves a medal for this ingenious idea.

9. Healthy French fries

They have cut an apple to look just like the French fries kids love so much but are unhealthy for them.Had he removed the skin from the apple before cutting even we would’ve been fooled.You can even tell the child they are apple French fries and are tastier than the potato ones.

10. Make a sorting game

If you need things to be sorted then you can make it into a game for your child.This can be used for things like felt balls or colorful pasta.You can use a muffin baking pan for the child to use to sort these things.We would advise you not to use children to sort important papers or other important things.

Make a sorting game

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