10 These Are The Most Expensive Things That Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Own

We all know that the royal family lives in luxury with a lot of expensive things. The family is given every comfort they need as well as want. But, they also buy a few things for themselves. This includes a lot of expensive and luxurious items.

1. The wedding

It may not be one of the things they own but the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Marple was one of the most expensive in the royal family. The estimated cost of the wedding was $45 million or £32 million which was quite higher than the wedding cost of Prince William and Catherine Middleton which was around.

2. High security

It was reported that most of the expense for the wedding was for security. It is a known fact that the royal family likes to keep their weddings open to the public and the dates, venue and guest lists are public knowledge.

So, for an occasion like this, the security needs to be tight as impenetrable. More than half the budget for the wedding was for security.

3. Her wedding dress

On her big day, she had to look as beautiful as she could and so the family spent $400,000 on an all-white gown that made her look stunning. The gown paired with the beautiful tiara she wore made her look incredible during the wedding. The dress was quite simple yet elegant and a real eye-catcher.

4. Her jewelry collection

Meghan is known to have an extensive jewelry collection which started from her days as an actress. She has continued this collection even after becoming the Duchess of Sussex.

There have been reports that say her jewelry collection ranges from $800 to $350,000 with a total worth around $1 million.

5. Her time as an actress

Before marrying Prince Harry, Meghan was an actress best known for her role as ‘Rachel Zane’ on the legal drama ‘Suits’ from 2011 to 2017. It was during this time she got interested in fashion and jewelry as her character on the show was very classy.

She continued her love for fashion and jewelry even after becoming the Duchess of Sussex and is now a style icon.

6. Her wedding ring

By far one of the most expensive pieces of jewelry that Meghan has is the wedding ring that was given to her by Prince Harry. The ring belonged to his mother and is valued at $350,000.

The ring has sentimental value to the couple and is one of the most protected pieces of jewelry that she owns.

7. Their Nottingham Cottage

Currently, after having their first child the family is living on the Pennington Palace grounds but before that, they had a quaint home.

On their wedding day, they were gifted a 1,375 sq. ft. The residence has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and many said it was too small but for the newlyweds, it was perfect.

8. Their York Cottage

This was first a bachelor pad when it was under the rule of the Duke of York. The estate is located on 19,000 acres of land with a price tag of around $1.5 million. The number of rooms the estate contains is unknown but the whole estate was given to Meghan and Prince Harry as a wedding gift by the Queen. The estate is also very close to Prince William and Kate’s residence.

9. Her Toronto home

This was Meghan’s home before she joined the royal family and has many of her memories in it. It was recently resold for the price of $1.4 million. The 3-bed 3-bath home was where Meghan lived before she met Prince Harry. The house is located at a great spot in the center of Toronto – hence the price.

10. Wardrobe

Even before becoming the Duchess of Sussex she was known to have great fashion sense. After marrying Prince Harry she got more exposure and is now a fashion icon. It is a well-known fact that Meghan has a large wardrobe and loves her clothes.

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