Now You Can Turn The Ashes Of Your Lovely Pet Into Beautiful Glass Paws

Nowadays, photos are a great medium to keep the memories alive of a person/pet in our hearts but people like to keep something unique.It’s quite difficult to cope up with the loss of someone who was near and dear whether he was a human or a pet but a physical reminder of that person/pet could be of great help in reducing sorrow to some extent.If the person/pet is cremated than his/her ashes are kept in a jar and stored carefully but there is one more method to use these ashes which can provide.

1. Beautiful glass art

People have an option of keeping the ashes of their loved ones in the jar but now they have another option as well.They can turn these ashes in beautiful glass art pieces which can be of different shapes and sizes.Ashes of both human and animal can be used for glass art and undoubtedly, it is a very good option.

2. Davenport Memorial Glass

Davenport Memorial Glass is a pretty famous name in the present times as this is the place where the ashes of your loved one will be turned into beautiful glass art.

The owner of Davenport Memorial Glass is Cameron Davenport and he is the one who creates memorial glass using the ashes.

3. Something more about Cameron Davenport

Cameron has been working on glass blowing since the year 2003 but it was 2015 when he made his first memorable piece.

He was quite bore making those things which were made by almost everyone in this business so he decided to do something new.

4. His first memorable piece

A teaspoon of ashes is used for the purpose of making a glass piece and Cameron says that ashes mix into the glass as smoothly as flour into dough.

5. A new start

Cameron started making beautiful glass memorials from human ashes but soon he wanted to make something else as he was quite bore making the same thing that is being created by many others. It was then he decided of creating memorials with pet ashes, especially pet paws.

6. The memorial pet paw

Although, Cameron started with making glass memorials with humans but now he is known more for his pet paw memorials.For this purpose, he needs a teaspoon of pet ashes which is provided by the customer.

The pet ash is mixed with the glass and the glass artist turns it into a swirling marble which is further welded into the shape of a paw.

7. The tiresome process

We are sure that he must be very satisfied after completing a job that he likes to do or finish.

8. The goal of his company

Cameron also talked about the goal of his company which is to capture a moment and create something which brings back the memory.

He stated that nothing can be compared with the time spent with the loved one but they help in keeping a memory-safe of the moments which they spent together.

9. Creating beautiful shapes with human ashes

Although, Cameron is more popular for the pet paw memorial nowadays he still makes memorials of different shapes from human ashes as well.

In fact, you can also order them to make a memorial which you can wear in your neck as a locket so that the person whom you loved but lost can always be near to you even when he is not in this world.

10. Plant a tree

You can plant a tree in your pet’s name and just like your pet you can take care of this plant as well.Plant is also a living being and you can see it grow season after season and you can also see it as a symbol of your pet.

In fact, to make it more close to your heart, you can plant a tree on the same location as to where the pet was buried.

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