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10 Instagram vs. Reality: The Truth About Those Unrealistically ‘Perfect’ Pictures Exposed

There is a general unwritten rule that everyone should follow, ‘Don’t believe the pictures you see on social media’. This is because over the past few years we’ve seen a tidal wave of fake images taking over every social media platform.

This can be by influences, celebrities and sometimes even governments. These just exist to show something as ‘perfect’ which in reality isn’t. This only fools people into believing things are a certain way only to be disappointed when they see those things in real life. Celebrities do this all the time with Photo shopped versions of beauty filters to make themselves look overly ‘perfect’

1. Lies often catch up

What happens when you start a romantic relationship online with photos of you that are heavily filtered and beautified? It will end the first moment you see each other in real life. When this woman went to meet the guy she was dating online for the first time he was shocked to see how different she looked in real life as.

Lies often catch up

2. Influences lie

This is something most people still do not know about. The images you see of influencers online are not real pictures. They take their photos from specific angles that make them look good, with incredible lighting and great makeup. This gives them that flawless look that they cannot replicate if caught off-guard in real life.

Influencers lie

3. Stealing pictures

This is something that happens quite a lot with young people on Instagram who are trying to gain a following. They use pictures of famous models and just edit their own faces on to the bodies. This is just wrong and should be illegal but it is still prevalent. You can even see how this woman shrunk the waist of the model in her second image.

Stealing pictures

4. How you look when you actually get up?

There are many female influences who post pictures of themselves without makeup in the morning after they just wake up but they still look incredible. The same can be said about the influences who look stunning in all their pictures but when they do a live stream, the reality comes crashing down. There is no proper lighting or hundreds of takes to improve the image.

How you look when you actually get up?

5. Uploaded vs. tagged

Here you can see a fine example of how an uploaded image looks vs.When you upload an image you can edit it and make yourself look incredible.

And naturally, you will only upload the good ones. Then comes the tagged image where you look completely different.

Uploaded vs. tagged

6. Cloning your audience?

This is just so sad and we feel really bad for this singer. This is a Spanish singer who was caught cloning the audience present at his show to make the crowd larger. No one noticed it until some eagle-eyed viewers saw the same people in the background at different places. You can clearly see how he copy-pasted a section of the audience 5 times.

Cloning your audience?

7. Angles matter

Thanks to all the filters we get on social media anyone can look stunning and amazing. Add this to the perfect lighting they can use and makeup and they can look incredible. But, when you see them in real life that illusion is completely broken and you finally see the truth.

Angles matter

8. When you are not even trying

We can’t even begin to explain all that is wrong with this image. How did no one stop this man from posting this image? Everything about this image screams it is wrong and fake.

If you’re going to make a fake of yourself then at least do it properly. This looks so funny because of just how awfully bad it is.

When you are not even trying

9. Who needs to travel?

This is another good example of just bad Photoshop. While many of these images can pass by with clever editing when you look at them in full you get an idea of how bad it is. The man has no shadow in any of the images and in some, he doesn’t even match the background color and looks as if a five-year-old did it.

10. Why would you edit that?

This woman edited her image so that the view outside the windows would be better. We’re not sure why she did it as the view from an airplane window is always good. She replaced it with a stock image of beautiful clouds which do not match the light and contrast of the image.

Why would you edit that?


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